Event Managers is a premier training provider for Fire Service personnel and the Public on today’s Crowd Management and Fire Code issues including Fire Operations and Investigations.

Starting back in 2012 we designed a training course for Assembly Occupancies of 50 or more on proper techniques in managing crowds in emergency situations. Event Managers conducts the required crowd management training class for owners, operators and crowd managers of places of assembly including stadiums, nightclubs and lounges throughout the entire State of Florida. The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires that all places of assembly must have at least (1) crowd manager or crowd manager supervisor. Where occupant loads exceed 250, additional crowd managers/supervisors may be required at the ratio of 1 crowd manager/supervisor for every 250 occupants (NFPA 101, Section 12.7.6).

Event Mangers continues to this day with its involvement with the Fire Service offering continued up to date training on current fire codes and changes to those codes along with fire operations and investigation courses. We offer numerous training opportunities throughout the state. We also offer 4 annual training conferences in Palm Beach County, Lee County, Pinellas County and in Bay County.

Chuck Akers is the owner of Event Mangers and is very much a hands-on owner assuring that “Customer Service” remains his number one concern. Chuck joined the United States Marine Corps before getting involved with the fire service as a Volunteer Firefighter on Sanibel Island in the Fort Myers area. Chuck continued his career as a Firefighter Paramedic on Fort Myers Beach before heading to the Village of North Palm Beach and receiving his Fire Safety Inspectors certification. After his fire service career, Chuck went on to work for the Simplex Time Recorder Company as a Fire Alarm Sales Representative and spent 10 years with the company. Chuck then became the first Executive Director of the Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors back in 1997 and spent a total of 17 years with the organization before retiring in 2014.

Event Managers continues to grow daily with more and more requests for additional training sessions for Crowd Management, Fire Codes and a various Fire Operations and Investigation offerings. The companies student database has more than doubled in size over the past couple of years allowing us to continue with our quality hands on customer service and training opportunities.